Keukenhof flower wheelchair tour

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Day trip Keukenhof flower tour
The place where spring yearly comes to life and where it buzzes with activities.
Here you can enjoy more than 7 million flowers. All locations on the Keukenhof are barrier-free, with disabled toilets and easy accessible by wheelchair or mobility scooter.

With the exception of the day the flower parade of the bulb region takes place,
reserving a wheelchair or mobility scooter can be booked if required daily.
Reservations have to be made in advance.

Unfortunately you cannot park using your disabled parking card free of charge at Keukenhof.
Optionally, the ‘ disabled ‘ person can wait at the entrance (benches present) while you park the car at the indicated area.



+31 624 60 62 69 (NL)
+49 260 7795 4900 (DE)

Our Mission

Stretching boundaries for people who are physically challenged or need care, devices and mobility equipment on their vacations.


  • Accompaniment from beginning to the end
  • Fully qualified care available
  • Advantageous fees
  • Specialized in the Carribbean and European destinations
  • Modern Resorts with high standards
  • Adventurous excursions